I am a bookworm. When I went on holiday in the past, I always had at least 10 books with me. Instead, I preferred to do without a few socks and T-shirts. If I had a problem or a new interest, I always bought a book with it. That’s why in my bookshelf you can find books on how to learn to play table tennis, how to cook, make speeches, etc. There were times when worries and fears were my problem. And so, I added a lot of books to it. 

The following list consists of great and warm-hearted books that work strongly against negative emotions. The list is very personal, all books impressed and influenced me very much. 

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I have read this book several times. My copy is full of notes and markings. In difficult times, when I was suffering especially from fears, the book helped me a lot. The method it teaches is very effective: it is called REBT, and that is the abbreviation of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. I can highly recommend the book. However, it only has an effect if you really work with it.
Byron Katie has suffered from severe depression for many years, so she hardly left her bed at the end. Then she had a mystical experience – a spiritual enlightenment. Since then she has been free from suffering. Byron Katie has developed an ingenious method – The Work – which helps to achieve inner peace. The method is very strong; I practice it myself regularly. The book itself is warmly written and has often touched me very much.  
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The absolute classic from the 30s and my very first self-help book. Even today, almost 100 years later, it can still be found in the bestseller lists. It is full of heartwarming stories that always end well. The many tips are still valid today and simply very helpful.  
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MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) is a great program developed by Professor Kabat-Zinn. To my shame I have to admit that I can never remember how the name is written: “Kabat” with one or two “t”? “Zin” with one or two “n”? But that just by the way. MBSR mainly uses meditation to reduce stress and negative feelings. This program has often been scientifically studied and its high effectiveness has always been confirmed. I can only warmly recommend this program to everyone. There are courses in every city.
THE book of Positive Psychology. It is full of great techniques to increase our happiness and to reduce negative feelings. You will find here techniques, for example, to build up gratitude and helpfulness and to break down worrying and negative thinking. The book is highly practical, at the same time the scientific side is not neglected.
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This book is different from the other books on this list: It is a collection of 108 short stories full of wisdom. I have this book as an audiobook. The stories are wonderfully narrated, full of wisdom and humor. I like to hear audiobooks in my car: The one or other driver who overtook me will have wondered why I laugh so loudly or just shed a tear. I like the book very much and the stories are sometimes very touching. I’ve probably heard the audiobook five times, which either means the stories are so good or I have such a terrible memory.
The title of the book alone is pretty cool. This book is about ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). This is a fairly new form of therapy that combines eastern elements such as mindfulness with western Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The book is very easy to understand and the techniques are great. I have used some of the best of these techniques in my books. Highly recommended.
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I was very impressed by this book. The approach of the book is to see the adversity, for example an anxiety disorder, as a game. You yourself are the hero in this game. This approach has been scientifically researched and is actually very effective. You can use this approach successfully for all projects, not only negative feelings, but also weight loss, dealing with diseases or more joy in life. The only disadvantage is that you really have to get used to the system and it takes some time. But the book is already fun to read.

I hope there were some ideas for you. If you think I forgot a few important books, always bring them here! I am open to any suggestion.

I am a big fan of energetic techniques like EFT, quantum healing or Jin Shin Jyutsu. I have deliberately not included them in this list, but will certainly do so later.