albert einstein by jjkiefer albert einstein by jjkiefer

“Stress comes from dealing with idiots on a daily basis.”

There are a lot of sensible and great ways to relieve stress. What if there are anti-stress techniques that are fun. They are a bit crazy – admittedly, but they are funny. And no, I’m not talking about laugh-yoga. All you need is a little openness and good will, and you’re good to go. Let’s get started:

#1 Gibberish

This is the first crazy technique I’ve ever introduced to you. “Gibberish” means “babbling.” The name says it all. The point of the exercise is that you’re babbling nonsense to yourself. Why would you do that? Amazingly, this babbling releases stress. For example, you can imagine talking to your boss, then express this conversation in your babbling, all the stress, all your thoughts can be expressed through babbling. It’s like a dry cleaning. Your tension will go away and you will be able to relieve all the stress. Try it out!

Action Plan

Babble: Close your eyes. Formulate nonsensical words and sounds for a few minutes. Create your own language. All the feelings and thoughts that are there right now, express them through your babbling. Focus completely on your babbling.
Silence: Sit down and be quiet. Keep your eyes closed and watch your breath or body sensations.

How often? How long? The whole exercise takes only 5 minutes. You can do this exercise several times a day. You can use it every time you get stressed and your head full of thoughts.

#2 Grimaces

Technique number two is no less crazy, no less effective. This exercise serves to release tensions and aggressions. In our world and at work we often have to function. That can be stressful. Those who only work can feel constricted. We must control ourselves and often enough “turn a good face into a bad game”. Can you imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to be controlled, so you could really live yourself out? Grimacing is the homeopathic dose. Freaking out, so to speak, in a gentle and safe way.

Action Plan

Make all sorts of faces and facial expressions. The more extreme, the better. Just do whatever you can think of right now. You’re free, nobody’s watching you. Just keep it flowing. Make a big grimace. You can also tense and let go of all your face muscles.
Gestures: If you like, you can intensify your grimaces with funny gestures of your arms and hands.

How long? How often? Do this exercise for a few minutes. Just follow your instincts. You’ll find out when it’s enough. You can use this exercise any time you feel tense, aggressive or stressed.

#3 Without head exercise

Now I’d like to introduce you to an extraordinary but very effective exercise. A large part of the stress is our thoughts. They’re buzzing through our heads, stressing us out. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just let go of all these incriminating thoughts? Wouldn’t it be great if we were just free? Try the following exercise, you will be amazed how pleasant it is.

Action Plan

This exercise is perfect for a day off. Take a walk, and imagine you don’t have a head. I know you have a head, but just imagine. When you look down on yourself, you see your feet, your legs, your stomach, your chest, but you cannot see your head. You only see your head in the mirror. If you have no head, then everything is completely free. You’re looking through a big oval window. Feel how that makes you feel.

How long? How often? The best time to start this exercise is on a day off. If you have some practice with it, and you like this technique, you can do it anytime. Even in a stressful meeting or a fight with your partner, you can imagine not having a head.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t think too much in this exercise. Of course we have a head, but it’s just relaxing to imagine not having one. There is no point in distracting this exercise from reality. When you watch a fantasy movie, you just enjoy it without worrying that vampires don’t exist. Drop into this exercise and imagination and pretend.
Further information: Have a look at this website: It goes a few more steps than this exercise.

You don’t have to move all three immediately, choose the one you intuitively like best.

If you would like to learn more about these techniques and learn 37 more (sensible) methods against stress, then read my book: “Stress is a Decision”.