Do you know what it’s like? You’re listless and tired? Why is that and what can you do about it? There are 7 important energy thieves who tap into our life energy.

1 Thoughts

Our brain finds energy for the production of every single thought. Therefore it is also exhausting to think and the more we think it to lose more energy we. This even applies to positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are worse, however, because they lead to negative feelings and physical tensions that also rob us of energy.

I myself am a big fan of meditation. With a little practice, the stream of thoughts during meditation becomes thinner and thinner, soon the thoughts just drip. We meditate, so we have much less thoughts than usual. That’s why meditation is so pleasant. Meditation gives us energy because our brain only needs to produce a few thoughts.

Therefore, the rule of thumb is: “The less thoughts, the more energy.” For this reason you should stop thought-producing habits, a lot of brooding or worrying. The best antidote? Mindfulness! In doing so, you focus your attention away from your thoughts on other things, such as your breath. My favorite mindfulness technique is called BELL:

Goal: Fast relaxation, works against negative feeling

Action Plan

BELL is an acronym. The advantage: The individual steps are easier to remember.

B = Breathing: Breathe deeply into the abdomen.

E = Ease your body: As you breathe out, drop your shoulders and briefly relax all your muscles.

L = Laugh or Smile: Smile as wide as you can – show your teeth. You don’t have to smile? Pretend! Smile always has, fake or not, a relaxing effect.

L = Life energy in the body: Focus your attention on your body energy for as long as possible. Feel into your body. Do you notice fine vibrations and tingling? That’s your body’s energy.

When? How often? You can use the technique anytime in between if you need some relaxation quickly. It’s best to repeat the sequence three times.

Every time you are in thought, you just use BELL. You’ll get out of your mind and feel good right away.

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2 Stress

Stress is bad for our health and robs us of our energy. A stress reaction of the body is very complex and requires a lot of energy, which is usually lost for no reason. If we get into stress here and there, this is no problem at all, our body can tolerate it. It only gets ticklish with chronic stress. It’s like there’s a hole in our energy tank. The energy drips out all the time. Chronic stress robs us of our energy in the long term.

Luckily, there’s something we can do about stress. Many good tips can be found here: 10 Anti Stress Techniques: cick!

3 Energy Vampires

“Vampire” is a dramatic word. But in fact, there are people who are stealing our energy. It’s exhausting for us to be with them.

le petite vampire by khokolotte le petite vampire by khokolotte

There are many types of energy vampires. The following is certainly incomplete, but striking list comes from Katrin Semm (Helia Consulting):

  • narcissists
  • whiners
  • naysayers
  • professional victims
  • chronically depressed people
  • you-bad-maker
  • enviers
  • manipulators

The fact that energy vampires can steal our energy from us always has something to do with our own injuries and patterns, of course. So if we get to a you-bad-maker, but we have an unshakable self-confidence like James Bond, this energy vampire can’t rob us of energy at all, although maybe even James Bond would be annoyed after some time and would sizzle the energy vampire.

So how do we deal with energy vampires? The simplest solution is: we avoid them. It’s not a bad idea to get involved with positive people. It feels good and gives us energy.

But if you like challenges, you can also take on energy vampires. Because an energy vampire points you to a weakness or an unhealed injury. That is, an energy vampire is also an opportunity for healing.

If you get to someone who doesn’t trust you and pull you down like that, it’s because you’re not sure yourself. Maybe it’s you who doesn’t dare. Thus the energy vampire has given you a valuable insight that you can use to work on yourself. But that’s a challenge, and you shouldn’t overdo it.

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4 Tensions

Take a look at how often you tense up every day. We almost always do it unconsciously. If we drive the car and someone honks the horn, we involuntarily tense up. If a colleague drives at us rough, we pull up our shoulders and tighten up. If we have to meet a deadline, we sit tense at the computer and hit the keys. Tensing costs our body energy.

Mindfulness is the only thing that helps here. Only through them do we even realize in which situations we are tense. The solution is simple: we relax. We let go.

sleep by sweetestsarah sleep by sweetestsarah

In general, all techniques that relieve stress and build relaxation help here. First and foremost meditation and mindfulness techniques, such as BELL.

Meditation generally reduces our tension, so it is prophylactic. Mindfulness techniques can be applied in everyday life at any time. This identifies your tension and allows you to relax easily.

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5 The usual suspects: sleep, exercise and nutrition

A restful sleep is a wonderful source of energy. Body and mind can regenerate and build up energy. We need this. Too little sleep means that we cannot build up enough energy. We’ve lost power. Studies have shown that we should sleep at least 7 hours. 

Our ancestors walked or ran on average 18 km a day. It is the natural way of life for us. Our modern lifestyle, on the other hand, is unnatural and unhealthy. We move far too little and sit too much. It’s taking our energy. Surprisingly, it gives us energy when we do enough sports. Our body is challenged, and it gets used to having a higher energy level. Scientists could prove that three times a week 45 minutes of moderate training, like jogging or cycling, are optimal and completely sufficient. 

A healthy diet is also important: enough vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and proteins. Meat only in small quantities, i.e. once or twice a week. Sugar is harmful and should be omitted if possible. In short, a healthy diet is enough. Many diets meet this requirement: I’m a fan of the Paleo diet.

If you want to have an energetic life, watch out for these energy thieves. Maybe after reading this article, you will have an idea of the energy thieves in your life. Knowledge is half the battle.

It’s nice to have you with us.


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